Category: Practice Areas

  • Environmental Law

    Environmental Law

    Successfully addressing your environmental requirements requires professionals who understand the laws, but can also be clear and concise with advice and direction. Our team can educate you on complying with environmental approvals and obtaining permits and authorization, all while keeping your objectives and best interests in mind. We can help in the areas of: Contaminated […]

  • Administrative


    The team at Vincent A. Gillis Inc Barristers and Solicitors is here to provide clear advice on the relationship between you, your business, and the many different levels of government. Our team’s specialized knowledge allows us to deal with professional regulation, commercial arbitration human rights, environmental proceedings, and labour and employment disputes. We work as […]

  • Civil Litigation

    Civil Litigation

    Lawsuits are very complex and representing yourself is next to impossible. You’re going to need professional council both in and out of the courtroom from experienced litigators who understand how the process is governed. Our team is prepared to gain a full understanding of your case, and zero in on pursuing your interests. We understand […]

  • Immigration


    The team at Vincent A. Gillis Inc. Barristers and Solicitors has the knowledge, experience, and resources to handle all of your immigration challenges. Our professionals can assist in navigating all of the immigration laws, rules, and regulations to help individuals or families relocate into Canada, and ensure their legally able to earn a living. Every […]

  • Labour and Employment

    Labour and Employment

    Vincent A. Gillis Inc Barristers and Solicitors confidently provide pragmatic advice and guidance on labour and employment disputes for both employees and employers. Employees who have been wrongfully dismissed or injured on the job can seek professional council from our team to help them best understand their options, how to compete against their employer, and […]

  • Personal Injury

    Personal Injury

    Our Personal Injury team has experience in representing people who have suffered injury, or who have lost a close family member due to the fault of others. We understand the stress our clients are under in the face of a potential life changing injury, plus the emotional damage that accompanies such an event, and the […]

  • Family


    The law is designed to protect everyone, but in major life events such as divorce, it can get confusing in the face of high emotions and vulnerability. Vincent A Gillis Inc. Barristers and Solicitors has the expertise to know what to expect in these situations, and the professionalism to deliver a prompt and fair resolution […]

  • Criminal


    The criminal justice system can be as complex as it is daunting. Being charged or prosecuted can be intimidating enough, without having to worry about navigating the system. Our professionals take the time to get to know our clients and help them understand the legal process, their rights, and their options. We provide clear and […]

  • Wills and Estates

    Wills and Estates

    When dealing with Wills and Estates, clients need more than just a lawyer, they need an advisor who can listen and understand their concerns and challenges as much as their wishes and desires. Our team appreciates that such a challenging subject needs to be handled with empathy and sensitivity, but also with a highly personalized […]

  • Property and Real Estate

    Property and Real Estate

    Property and Real Estate It’s important to protect your legal rights throughout the process of buying or selling a home. It’s equally important to work with a trustworthy legal advisor that will ensure the needs of you and your family are met. Vincent A. Gillis Inc Barristers and Solicitors take the time to get to […]