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Property and Real Estate It’s important to protect your legal rights throughout the process of buying or selling a home. It’s equally important to work with a trustworthy legal advisor that will ensure the needs of you and your family are met. Vincent A. Gillis Inc Barristers and Solicitors take the time to get to know you, and to help you fully understand the rights and obligations being agreed upon, while providing advice tailored to your specific situation. Our team will handle every legal aspect of the process, including but not limited to:
  • Reviewing your Agreement of Purchase of Sale
  • Explain any legal concerns we find
  • Protect your rights on offers
  • Make necessary changes to legal documents
  • Search for any existing mortgages, easements, or liens registered against the land
  • Ensure taxes are paid up to date on the property
  • Ensure the property complies with zoning requirements
  • Explain title insurance and other obligations
Having an excellent lawyer can mean the difference between your real estate transaction being exciting or stressful. The professionals at our firm have the knowledge and experience to make the process seamless and as joyful as it deserves to be.